The Education Foundation of Morris Plains was founded in April 2010 (and incorporated in October 2010) as a joint effort between a group of concerned members of the community in conjunction with the Morris Plains School District and Morris Plains Board of Education. The Education Foundation of Morris Plains is comprised of a group of professionals, educators and parents, dedicated to the mission of ensuring the highest level of educational innovation for our students, faculty and staff by generating and distributing financial and other resources for the Morris Plains School District.  The Education Foundation of Morris Plains was founded on a simple concept; the need to find external funding sources using private and corporate resources which will allow the district to maintain and grow its educationally and technologically based opportunities for the children of Morris Plains.

The Morris Plains School District is a K-8 School District which ranks in the Top 10% of New Jersey Schools. The district supports 670 students and has an exceptionally strong community that supports the school and its students. The district has a highly dedicated teaching and administrative staff with the common goal of helping children to achieve their highest potential through the use of technology and innovation, which is continually undergoing rapid change in the delivery of educational services to our children.